UK’s first decentralized website selling cannabis. Is it unstoppable?

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Are decentralized websites now unstoppable websites?

The decentralized website ‘cbdhemp.zil which appears to offer a host of services normally reserved to the dark web, is hosted using decentralized storage which uses blockchain technology and makes it much harder for authorities to take it down. Traditionally at this point they would turn to the domain name provider and take the website offline this way, however, whoever has released this site, has paired decentralized hosting with a new type of domain name system that also utilizes blockchain technology to make censorship practically impossible

decentralized website

This new blockchain domain technology is being developed by ‘Unstoppable Domains’, and as the name suggests is marketed as highly censorship-resistant. Bith sites like this one and the inevitable ones that will follow, I don’t think we will have to wait long to see how unstoppable they really are

decentralized website cbdhempuk.zil is not associated with ‘cbdhempuk.zil’, nor do we condone illegal activities. We are just reporting on a story. Please note as always we strongly advise against using any illegal services


cbdhempuk.zil site (or view on block explorer)

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Why we need Blockchain Domains?

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Similar Problem

When the internet, then known as ARPANET became commercially available in 1974, domain names were all but a thing of the future. In order to direct your browser to a web page, you had to manually enter the IP address of the site each time. The process was not too dissimilar to how we enter a phone number today. This meant that you had to record or memorize each and every site that you wanted to visit. Fast forward all the way to 1982. This was when the Domain Name System (DNS) created .com and several other popular domain extensions that we all know and use today. These domain names allowed websites to assign an easy to recognize, memorable name. By making it infinitely easier to surf the web, this function helped the internet gain traction and grow exponentially

Modern Twist

Like the internet back in 1972 today’s blockchain sector, while at the forefront of technology is lacking in a few areas. Most notably the way in which we send and receive the vast majority of cryptocurrencies and tokens in existence. Practically all crypto assets whether they are a token or a coin, are built on the blockchain. In most cases, custody of these assets comes courtesy of a software or hardware wallet. The problem lies with how you send and receive the assets to and from these wallets. The wallets employ an address system that uses a string of alphanumeric characters. Bitcoin addresses, for example, are between 26-35 characters. That’s a sequence of 35 random letters and numbers.

This makes memorising a wallet address practically impossible. However not only that, now even the simple task of sharing and recording the address becomes a lot harder, due to its complexity. This is all without mentioning the fact that if a single character is wrong in the address sequence. The transaction, potentially a life-changing amount, would be irreversibly sent to a different wallet and gone forever with no option of recourse. It’s not surprising so many people are nervous about the prospect of getting into crypto even if it does intrigue them

The Solution

Thirty years on and once again it is a domain name system that can provide the solution to this new problem. This time however it is a multitude of domain systems, built for a range of blockchain use cases. One of these applications and perhaps the one that will have the most impact. Is their ability to point to a cryptocurrency wallet. Enabling the end-user to complete blockchain transactions without the use of a complicated alphanumeric style address. This feature alone has the potential to do wonders for the greater adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As now anyone can securely send and receive crypto payments by simply using a short easy to remember, hard to mistake, memorable name.

Other Functions

Some Blockchain Domain Name Systems (bDNS) can also have other functions such as the ability to create simple static websites that live completely on the blockchain. This function is achieved by pointing the domains to a decentralized storage platform and directing user traffic to the files. Plus because everything is conducted on the blockchain and therefore distributed, it is fully censorship-resistant and the owner has complete control of the website

Under Construction

There are a number of companies and organizations currently developing blockchain domain systems and the underlying technology. Specific properties and features vary from project to project but they all seem to share the shame common goals. To simplify blockchain technology, increasing its adoption and develop the technology that will provide the foundations for web 3.0 and the next generation of the internet. Below we have listed the details for the project that we believe is way out ahead leading the field in blockchain domain development. Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains

Decentralized naming service offering two blockchain domains, .zil built on Zilliqa and .crypto built on Ethereum. One time purchase – No recurring fees. Find out more here

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Why Unstoppable Domains? Infographic

The Blockchain Race

Discover why unstoppable domains are leading the race to become the number one blockchain domain extensions provider, by consulting the infographic below

Why Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains

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Looking For Premium Domains?

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‘UD’ & The Decentralized Web

Read this article to find out Unstoppable Domains plan to revolutionize the web and help us transition into a decentralized internet

What Are .Zil & .Crypto Domains?

Discover more about these Blockchain Domains, how they differ from regular domain extensions and their potential use cases here

What are Zil and Crypto domains?

.Zil and .Crypto?

Zil and Crypto domains are new types of blockchain based domain extensions. Products of Unstoppable Domains. They are the company’s solution to some of the problems facing current cryptocurrency wallet addresses. What problems? I hear you ask. Well if you have ever sent or received crypto from a wallet without using a QR code and camera. You will know what a nerve-racking experience it can be. Knowing that if you misplace one character, the money will be irreversibly gone forever. However, Zil and Crypto domains both solve that problem, by tying your wallet address to a short easy to remember human-readable domain name. But not just one wallet address. Potentially all your crypto wallets can be tied to that one domain. Meaning when somebody sends a cryptocurrency or token to that domain. It will automatically be deposited into the corresponding wallet.

Different type of domain

These blockchain domains will also share some of the same functions of regular domain names, like the ability to point to simple webpages. However, unlike traditional domains such as .com and .org, these domains are built on the blockchain and are therefore decentralized and distributed. This comes with huge benefits. Like the fact that once you purchase one, you are the only one who has control of the domain. Making it virtually uncensorable plus the fact that there are no renewal fees. Once it’s yours, it’s yours

Zil and Crypto domain names are available to purchase now from Unstoppable Domains. They cost $20 for Zil and $40 for Crypto.

Onchain Domain is an online marketplace for those looking to trade these domains on the secondary market. (Onchain Domain is not endorsed or affiliated with Unstoppable Domains. We are a third-party marketplace)

Unstoppable Domains

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Unstoppable Domains Official Blog

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‘UD’ & the Decentralized Web

Read this article to discover how Unstoppable Domains plan to revolutionize the web. Leading the transition into a decentralized internet

Why Unstoppable Domains?

Discover why unstoppable domains, are leading the race. The race to become the number one blockchain domain extensions provider. Learn more by consulting our infographic

Unstoppable Domains & the Decentralized Web

The future of Web

Disregarding Unstoppable Domains and the primal decentralized web, the internet that we know today is centralized. To use it we need permission. To be granted the required permissions we usually have to pay a fee and follow the rules. But what if things didn’t have to be this way? What if one of the practical use case’s of blockchain technologies apart from cryptocurrency, is to enable a decentralized web. Blockchain makes decentralization possible and by combining it with internet infrastructures such as domain names and file hosting. It is paving the way for a new age of internet known as web 3.0. A web without central points of failure or command, a permission-less web, a people’s web. A web made possible by blockchain domains


This new technology is driven by a host of organizations and projects, hard at work. Each creating parts of this new ecosystem. The two main components usually required to host a website, app and or databases, are a domain name and a file hosting service. Many minds are actively working on both aspects right now as you read this. However, we believe certain projects are leading the way in this field. In our opinion when it comes to blockchain domains the .Zil & .Crypto Project’s from ‘Unstoppable Domains’ show the most potential

Unstoppable Domains

This is due to many factors but the biggest by far is the fact that these domains can act not only as domain names for uncensorable websites. But also as human-readable cryptocurrency agnostic wallet addresses. That’s a huge deal because it will allow others to send practically any crypto straight to your wallet with one simple domain name. No more impossible to remember, easy to mistake alien wallet addresses. Just think about what that will do for cryptocurrency adoption in general. Once you buy a .Zil or .Crypto domain you own it for life with no recurring fees, and when I say own it I mean own it. Because you and only you hold the master keys in your wallet so nobody but you can alter it or remove it from the blockchain. Powerful stuff

Premium Domains

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Unstoppable Domains

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Why ‘UD’?

Discover why Unstoppable Domains are leading the race to become the number one blockchain domain extensions provider. Find out by consulting this infographic