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Disregarding Unstoppable Domains and the primal decentralized web, the internet that we know today is centralized. To use it we need permission. To be granted the required permissions we usually have to pay a fee and follow the rules. But what if things didn’t have to be this way? What if one of the practical use case’s of blockchain technologies apart from cryptocurrency, is to enable a decentralized web. Blockchain makes decentralization possible and by combining it with internet infrastructures such as domain names and file hosting. It is paving the way for a new age of internet known as web 3.0. A web without central points of failure or command, a permission-less web, a people’s web. A web made possible by blockchain domains


This new technology is driven by a host of organizations and projects, hard at work. Each creating parts of this new ecosystem. The two main components usually required to host a website, app and or databases, are a domain name and a file hosting service. Many minds are actively working on both aspects right now as you read this. However, we believe certain projects are leading the way in this field. In our opinion when it comes to blockchain domains the .Zil & .Crypto Project’s from ‘Unstoppable Domains’ show the most potential

Unstoppable Domains

This is due to many factors but the biggest by far is the fact that these domains can act not only as domain names for uncensorable websites. But also as human-readable cryptocurrency agnostic wallet addresses. That’s a huge deal because it will allow others to send practically any crypto straight to your wallet with one simple domain name. No more impossible to remember, easy to mistake alien wallet addresses. Just think about what that will do for cryptocurrency adoption in general. Once you buy a .Zil or .Crypto domain you own it for life with no recurring fees, and when I say own it I mean own it. Because you and only you hold the master keys in your wallet so nobody but you can alter it or remove it from the blockchain. Powerful stuff

Premium Domains

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Unstoppable Domains

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Why ‘UD’?

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Unstoppable Domains & the Decentralized Web

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