.Zil and .Crypto?

Zil and Crypto domains are new types of blockchain based domain extensions. Products of Unstoppable Domains. They are the company’s solution to some of the problems facing current cryptocurrency wallet addresses. What problems? I hear you ask. Well if you have ever sent or received crypto from a wallet without using a QR code and camera. You will know what a nerve-racking experience it can be. Knowing that if you misplace one character, the money will be irreversibly gone forever. However, Zil and Crypto domains both solve that problem, by tying your wallet address to a short easy to remember human-readable domain name. But not just one wallet address. Potentially all your crypto wallets can be tied to that one domain. Meaning when somebody sends a cryptocurrency or token to that domain. It will automatically be deposited into the corresponding wallet.

Different type of domain

These blockchain domains will also share some of the same functions of regular domain names, like the ability to point to simple webpages. However, unlike traditional domains such as .com and .org, these domains are built on the blockchain and are therefore decentralized and distributed. This comes with huge benefits. Like the fact that once you purchase one, you are the only one who has control of the domain. Making it virtually uncensorable plus the fact that there are no renewal fees. Once it’s yours, it’s yours

Zil and Crypto domain names are available to purchase now from Unstoppable Domains. They cost $20 for Zil and $40 for Crypto.

Onchain Domain is an online marketplace for those looking to trade these domains on the secondary market. (Onchain Domain is not endorsed or affiliated with Unstoppable Domains. We are a third-party marketplace)

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What are Zil and Crypto domains?

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