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Are decentralized websites now unstoppable websites?

The decentralized website ‘cbdhemp.zil which appears to offer a host of services normally reserved to the dark web, is hosted using decentralized storage which uses blockchain technology and makes it much harder for authorities to take it down. Traditionally at this point they would turn to the domain name provider and take the website offline this way, however, whoever has released this site, has paired decentralized hosting with a new type of domain name system that also utilizes blockchain technology to make censorship practically impossible

decentralized website

This new blockchain domain technology is being developed by ‘Unstoppable Domains’, and as the name suggests is marketed as highly censorship-resistant. Bith sites like this one and the inevitable ones that will follow, I don’t think we will have to wait long to see how unstoppable they really are

decentralized website cbdhempuk.zil

Onchaindomain.com is not associated with ‘cbdhempuk.zil’, nor do we condone illegal activities. We are just reporting on a story. Please note as always we strongly advise against using any illegal services


cbdhempuk.zil site (or view on block explorer)

Find much more at OnchainDomain.com

Sources: Blocksites Chat (Telegram Group)

UK’s first decentralized website selling cannabis. Is it unstoppable?

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